Selling Property

Deciding to Sell Your South African Home

The emotional attachment that you have to your home can make it difficult for you to decide to sell your house in preparation for your upcoming emigration. Choosing the best time to sell your property is an important decision, as a successful sale will affect when you can finally make the move to Australia. If the sale doesn't proceed as quickly or as smoothly as you had first hoped, you may have to distressfully postpone your emigration, which can considerably add to the strain of your move.  

Selling In View of Your Migration

To alleviate the emotional, financial and time-related stresses attached to the sale of your property while going through the migration process, it's best to have a professional who understands your concerns and can manage your relocation related expectations. Pathway's South African qualified lawyers are best positioned to assist you in selling your property in view of your migration, and even if the sale doesn't conclude as quickly as you wish, our Australian team can liaise with you even after you have arrived, to ensure that the transfer process continues seamlessly in your absence.

Assisting in Your Property Sale

Pathway's qualified legal team can assist you in all aspects of the sale of your property, including the property transfer. Our services include:

  • preparing your offer to purchase in a manner that suits your immigration timeline; 
  • preparing appropriate lease agreements pending the sale of the property and your relocation; 
  • managing the bond cancellation process with the bond cancellation attorneys; 
  • managing the conveyance process, including collation of relevant documents, certificates and duties in the lead up to registration; 
  • most importantly, ensuring that the proceeds of your sale are correctly received in Australia.

Make the sale of your house as stress-free as possible with Pathway's team, who are uniquely and expertly able to assist you from both South Africa and Australia. Speak to us for immediate assistance in planning the sale of your property.