The Australian Property Market

Buying, renting or selling a property is a essential step in successfully setting up your new life in Australia. The Australian property market is extremely competitive, and it can be difficult for a recent migrant to break into the market as a first time buyer or tenant. When making this important decision, it is vital that you get comprehensive and reliable advice about your responsibilities, obligations and rights under Australian law. 

Purchase of Property

Unlike the South African system where only registered conveyancers can attend to property transfers, all Australian lawyers are qualified to deal with all of your property issues, including the conveyance of land.

The process of purchasing a property in Australia is extremely different to the South African system. One significant difference is the Australian 'settlement' process, where all concerned parties must be present, and the relevant paperwork, as well as payment/s by cheque, are exchanged. It is important that you have someone you can rely on to explain and clarify those differences, and who has your best interests at heart. 

Property Services

Pathway's Australian lawyers are not only able to explain the nuances of the Australian property system in a straightforward manner, but we are also able to attend to all property-related issues. Our experienced lawyers can assist you with: 

  • preparation and review of contracts of sale;
  • executing and settling property transfers; 
  • preparation and review of personal and commercial lease agreements; and
  • lodging caveats and mortgages.

Whether you’re looking for a family home or a commercial property, contact our friendly team for advice now.