Outstanding Debts

Settling Your South African Debts

We are often asked whether South African debts and financial obligations can follow you to Australia, and whether those obligations should be honoured in view of your imminent departure. This is not an easy question to answer, and each case must be considered on its own subjective circumstances. Of particular importance when considering this question is the size of the debt, and whether or not you will be leaving any assets behind in South Africa. 

Recovering Your South African Debts

We are also often asked by prospective business immigrants whether there is any value in pursuing your debtors before leaving South Africa. This issue is exacerbated by the lengthy and frustrating South African legal process. While it is advisable to begin taking care of all of your financial concerns as soon as possible, because Pathway's team is positioned and experienced in both South Africa and Australia, we can assist you in pursuing your debtors even after you have left. 

Resolving Your South African Debt Issues

Our lawyers are immensely experienced in South African debt recovery and litigation, and are able to give you unrivaled advice on your financial obligations, particularly while you are resident in Australia. We can comprehensively counsel you on range of financial commitment issues and related legal concerns, from initiating or defending litigation actions to terminating agreements, so that your South African liabilities and debtors do not become an unnecessary headache in Australia.  

If you think you will, or are already having difficulty in dealing with your financial commitments before leaving South Africa, speak to our qualified legal team for immediate assistance