Personalised Relocation and Migration Services From Start to Finish

Distinctive Qualifications

Unlike our competitors, the Pathway team is qualified and experienced in the South African and Australian legal systems, we are MARA registered agents, and we have been through the relocation process ourselves. We are not just immigration lawyers, we provide migration services. We are expertly equipped to comprehensively assess and advise you on you immigration to Australia from South Africa including: taking care of your South African issues before and after making the move; choosing the correct Australian visa for you; and your legal needs in establishing your new home in Australia.

Personalised Service

Our distinctive qualifications make Pathway most suited to giving you a truly personalised, complete and cost-effective service that best fits your individual circumstances in making the move from South Africa to Australia. Our focus is not to treat our clients with a one-shoe-fits-all approach, but to look specifically at your circumstances and find the best way for you to move to Australia.

Why Us? 

Avoid the unnecessary overlap ordinarily required to take care of migration needs between a South African lawyer, a migration agent, and an Australian immigration lawyer with Pathway. Our particular expertise set us apart from our competitors by being able to take care of all of these concerns for you.

Our team offers an obligation-free appraisal of your eligibility for a visa for Australia. Simply send us an email. And as an added service to our newly signed immigration and legal clients, Pathway offers a free 30 minute consultation on general relocation concerns and living in Australia.