Taking Care of You When you Live In Australia

Our Ongoing Legal Support

Rather than wasting time and money retaining a new lawyer once you are living in Australia, and getting them up to speed on your personal circumstances, as certified Australian solicitors Pathway is perfectly positioned to take care of all of your Australian legal needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide ongoing, quality and tailored legal advice to help you set up and make the most of your new life (and business) in Australia. 

Interpreting Australian Legal Nuances

As similar as one may think they are, there are many nuanced differences between the South African and Australian legal systems. Understanding these differences can become overwhelming when starting a new life as a recent migrant. As your friendly South African lawyer with offices in Australia, Pathway's team are experts at explaining and simplifying Australian legal concepts into straightforward South African expressions. 

Your Australian Legal Needs

Pathway can advise you on a range of matters you may overlook in the excitement of your relocation, such as the need to convert and adapt your foreign will, so that your estate is properly administered. 

Pathway's lawyers are best placed to advise you on these and a range of other Australian legal matters which will ensure you are happy living in Australian, including: 

If you require assistance with these or other Australian legal needs, contact our experienced team. As a welcome to our newly signed clients, we offer a free 30 minute consultation on your general relocation concerns.