Contracts & Agreements

Reviewing Australian Agreements

Australian contractual dealings are generally more demanding than South African agreements, and have terms and concepts which may be unrecognisable to recent migrants. Most Australian contracts impose a stipulation that you must have had the contract reviewed by a lawyer before signing it. As your Australian lawyers, Pathway is perfectly placed to expertly review and decipher the complexities of your Australian contracts and agreements. 

Drafting Australian Contracts

We also collaborate closely with you to create and implement word-perfect and water-tight Australian contracts for your personal and business use. Just as you need to be aware of Australian legal requirements when signing a contract, you need to ensure that your Australian contracts contain the necessary legal provisions to ensure they will be binding and enforceable under Australian law. 

Our contract specialists can prepare and review all types of Australian contracts, including:

  • lease agreements;
  • employment contracts;
  • shareholder’s agreements;
  • purchase agreements; and
  • relevant relocation documentation.

We are also specialists in all forms of Australian legal writing such as affidavits, statutory declarations, legal letters and court documents. Pathway's Australian legal qualifications, together with our ongoing knowledge of your individual circumstances, mean that we are best placed to take care of your Australian contracts and agreements. 

For a review of your Australian contracts and agreements, or for expert assistance in developing a contract for your business, speak to our qualified lawyers now.