Business & Investor Visas

Australian business and investor visas are intended to attract new investors and entrepreneurial skill and talent to Australia.  A temporary business or investor visa can lead to your path to permanent residency in Australia if you can show that you have engaged in a certain level of business activity or investment in Australia. Prospective migrants with high-level business skills may be automatically eligible to apply for a permanent visa, without first obtaining a temporary visa. 


For all business visa subclasses, both temporary and permanent, you must be able to:

  • demonstrate an overall successful business career, record of investment or business activity;
  • demonstrate that you have the required financial capacity to establish a business or make an investment in Australia;
  • demonstrate a real commitment to continuing your business in Australia, or continuing your Australian investment; and
  • further eligibility requirements must be met if you are applying for a permanent visa. 

Some investor visas also impose age restrictions, and require you to make certain types of approved investment.

The Application Process 

The application process differs between the various types of business visas. Generally, you are likely to be required to: 

  1. Notify the relevant State/Territory agency if you are applying for a State or Territory nominated visa; 
  2. Some visas require you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and receive an invitation to apply for your visa; 
  3. Gather appropriate documents and evidence of your Australian business or investment activities; and
  4. You may be asked to attend an interview. 

Your Obligation-Free Appraisal

For information on which business visa is right for you, contact Pathway for a free appraisal of your circumstances.