Immigration Lawyers, MARA Agents, Fellow Migrants. 

Immigration Lawyers & MARA Agents

Pathway is possessed of  vastly experienced multi-jurisdictional immigration lawyers, who are qualified and experienced in the South African and Australian legal systems, and also registered with MARA. Our capable and reliable team of migration consultants can assist you with all matters related to your migration to Australia, whether legal or personal, whether in Australia or in South Africa. For this reason, only Pathway can offer you truly tailored and unrivalled bespoke legal and migration services that best fits your personal circumstances.  

Fellow Immigrants

Having been through the immigration process ourselves, we have a truly compassionate understanding of the personal difficulties and stresses attached to your move to Australia. Pathway is committed to fulfilling your objectives in a genuinely responsive, transparent and reliable manner, where none of your concerns are seen as minor or trivial – every issue is important to us.  

Our Goal

Our goal isn't just to get you to Australia. We are committed to helping you set up and settle into your new life in Australia. Pathway offers you continuous support and advice in relation to all of your relocation concerns from the moment you decide to leave South Africa to the time you are successfully established and living in Australia. 

Quite simply, there is no other agent able to take care of your needs like Pathway.