Asset Protection and Trusts

Protecting Your Assets

Correctly structuring and protecting your personal and business assets is a critical element of your Australian journey. At the start of your relocation to Australia, it can be easy to neglect planning for the future and taking care of your long term financial concerns. It is wise that you put mechanisms in place to protect yourself and your family, in case things ultimately go wrong. 

The Australian legal system can be swift and severe in dealing with financial breakdowns: the consequences are often immediate and far-reaching, from suspending your bank account to preventing your overseas travel. To minimise the effect of these potentially harsh consequences, many Australians have asset protection strategies in place. 

Getting the Right Structure

We help you protect your assets, and minimise your financial risk by providing you with the best possible asset protection vehicle to cement your success in Australia. Our asset protection experts are qualified to provide you with a variety of accurate, cost-effective and responsive services, including:

  • advising on the best structure to suit your specific personal and/or business needs; 
  • drawing up the necessary trust deed or asset protection documents; and
  • completing the required government registrations.

It is important as a newly arrived migrant that you focus your energy on successfully building your new life – let us take care of the legal details.  Pathway's Australian legal qualifications, together with our ongoing knowledge of your individual circumstances, mean that we are best positioned to advise on the most fitting asset protection strategy for you. 

For assistance in creating the best asset protection scheme for you and/or your business, speak to our qualified lawyers now.